Monday, May 24, 2010


Frank And Jeff Had A Great Trip To The Hill Country ...

of Texas. They left early Friday morning and got back late Sunday afternoon. Friday when they got to Kerrville, they went by and picked up the European mounts of their Whitetail Bucks they got last December on the WRS Ranch. After that they went and ate lunch and checked into the State Park and got the keys to their cabin. That afternoon, they went down to Bandera and fished for about three hours on the Medina river out of their kayaks. Frank caught a bunch of sunfish on Dudley's flyrod and reel. They met up with one of Frank's fraternity buddies after that at the Dude Ranch his family runs outside of town. They went swimming in their private swimming hole on the Medina. Frank said they climbed up about twenty feet into a large Bald Cypress tree and out onto a limb that hangs over a deep spot in the river. They took turns jumping into the river. Frank said it was fun but a little scary. Reminds Dudley of the times he jumped off of a suspension bridge into a river in Northeastern Oklahoma back in his younger days. That night Frank said they all went to the Longhorn Saloon in Bandera. It is owned and run by the brother of singer Clint Black. Frank said they listened to live country music, shot pool and drank a few cold beers. They got up early the next morning and called the owner of the ranch where we hunted and got directions to his home on a private stretch of the Guadalupe River. Frank and Jeff fished all day out of their kayaks in some of the fishiest water Dudley has seen in a while. The fishing was kind of slow but they each caught several bass and quite a few sunfish. Jeff caught the biggest bass about three pounds. They had a great time. The next morning on the way home, they stopped and walked down to the Llano River and fished and each caught a bass. They ate some Texas BBQ and then headed home tired but with a lot of great memories of fishing three different Texas Hill Country Rivers in three days!

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