Friday, June 30, 2017


Photos Of Belve Beans Deer Hunting Camp In San Saba County ...

around 1941. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Great Old Texas Hill Country Deer Hunting Scene ...

Group of deer hunters from Comanche and Brownwood on the courthouse square in Llano, TX back in the day!

One of the deer hunters was a professional baseball player.

Beveric Benton "Belve" Bean

Professional baseball player 1930-1935. Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Senators.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Dudley Saw This Neat Picture Of Three Young Ladies Fly Fishing Back In The Day ...

Sort of reminds Dudley of a scene from Oh Brother Where Art Thou!

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Dudley Saw This On Traces Of Texas ...

The Texas Quote of the Day:  

"You see a bass stirring in shallow water about fifty feet downstream, up against a brushy bank. You get some line flying, and more line, and a little more, and there's no wind and you don't hang up on willows behind you, and when things feel right you release and the line rolls across the water and the fly plops onto the surface in exactly the spot you hoped for and the fish hits it .... I just need to make that perfect cast and get that strike."

---- Leon Hale, noted newspaper columnist for both the Houston Post and the Houston Chronicle for decades. Leon is still alive at the age of 96.


The Sunset Depot In San Antonio, Texas ...

Dudley and wife boarded the Texan Dining Train at this Station and rode to Homdo and back back in the 1990's. It was a great memory of the way things were in the glory days of railroads!

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Dudley Bought Two Books Today, Where The Big Bucks Live, By Robert Rogers ...

           50 Years Of Hunting Texas


Dudley is looking forward to reading this book. Dudley has two copies of Roberts first book, Big Rack Texas All Time Largest Whitetails From 1892-1975, in his extensive Deer Hunting Library and it is his favorite book of them all. Dudley was able to buy two brand new copies of his latest book for $8.99 each plus shipping. Bought them from Amazon and noticed they came from Half Price Books. Dudley paid less than half price including the shipping. Dudley is going to keep one for his library and give the other one to Jeff. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Devils River Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey ...

Dudley may have to get a bottle for his Bourbon Collection.


Dudley Thinks This Looks About Right ...

about as accurate as modern day weather forecasting!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


One Of Dudley's Favorite Texas Deer Hunting Stories ...

W.A. (Will) Brown

Travis County 1922

Boone and Crockett 170 3/8 pts.

Will Brown stood over his buck, looking down at the high, beautifully symmetrical rack, then the three 30/30 holes in the shoulder, and thought back on how strategy and luck had helped in collecting his trophy. 

The area he had chosen to hunt, known as the Devil's Hollow, was about 4 or 5 miles north of the Colorado River.  It was dotted with large outcroppings of limestone, thick headers and canyons, and was known for producing big bucks with oversized racks. Will was well familiar with the headers, canyons and bucks of this area.  

He had been told that cowboys were going to be working the area, and knew their activities would shake out some deer. He also knew of an excellent spot to be situated when the cowboys began their work, a spot where three thickly grown over headers came together. He drug out the Winchester and waited for morning. 

The sun had barely begun to crack that cold, mid-winter darkness as Will, huddled beside a fallen cedar, heard the cowboys in the distance.       
At first, their yells were only faint, then louder as they headed in his direction.  The octagonal barreled Winchester was cold and crisp to the touch. Will's breath floated in a slow fog and the air was sharp in his lungs.  Then another sound. Not the cowboys, but the tinkling of hooves on limestone, deer hooves. Will eased the cold Winchester to his shoulder, then out they came. 

A doe and buck were running from the cover of the header and making tracks for the safety of another canyon some three hundred yards away. Looking down the old buckhorn sights, Will saw the front bead dancing on, then off, the buck's front shoulder. Grey forms, sprinting for cover, safety was closer at every bound. Flashing hooves, glistening rack, then the Winchester spoke. and still the deer kept on.  Again, another shot and, still, the animals were making their frantic run.  Then once more Will fired.  This time, the huge buck went down.  

Another fifty yards and Will Brown's deer would have made it to the thicket.  Another fifty yards, and Will Brown would not have had a Boone and Crockett record.  

From Big Rack: Texas All-Time Largest Whitetails From 1892-1975, by Robert Rogers.

Dudley was curious as to where this buck was killed. Dudley knew Mr Brown was buried in the Bee Cave Baptist Cemetery just outside of Austin when he passed away in 1966. Dudley found an old map online of Travis County and started at Bee Cave and then looked at the nearby Colorado  River. Dudley quickly found the canyon called Devils Hollow marked on the old map. This area is now under 20 plus feet of water from Lake Travis. They built the Lake twenty years after Will Brown killed his B&C buck. 

This is what the Devils Hollow Canyon looks like now on the weekends during the Summer. Devils Cove is a well known Party Spot on Lake Travis.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Dudley Thinks This Is A Badass Stihl Chainsaw ...

Cutting up old growth wood to be used for custom knife handles and reel seats for custom fly rods. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Dudleys Wife Went To The Ranger Game Today ...

Great view from a Suite and free food but the Rangers lost 7 to 3. Darvish had an off day!


Dudley Needs One Of These Semi Auto Replica Thompson Carbin Rifles

Would be a lot of fun to shoot! Dudleys GF was a career Postal Inspector. He was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the US Postal Service. He carried a badge and his carry gun was a .38 caliber revolver. Dudley thinks the .38 was a little light. Of course if his GF wanted more firepower, he could have gone to the Armory and checked out a Thompson Sub Machine Gun any time he felt the need. He worked out of the old Art Deco Post Office in Fort Worth. Dudley has read there was a shooting range up on the roof for the Postal Inspectors to keep in practice. After a many decades long career as a Postal Inspector, he was given a political appointment and became the Postmaster of the Fort Worth Post Office. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


King Kong Visits The Baker Hotel ...

Where is the hot blonde chick and the fighter planes???


Dudley Bought Some Bass Fishing Patches .,.


to add to his collection. Dudley joined B.A.S.S. for one year back in the mid 70's. Dudley had a brand new Camaro, Terry Bass Boat, a tackle box full of lures and a brand new rod and reel. Dudley had two Hawg Hunter Stickers on his boat and a third on his tackle box. Dudley did a lot of Bass fishing during those years. Then Dudley started Deer hunting!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Dudley Worked On His Newest Old Pipe Rack Today ...

Sanded one of the sides to get it to sit level. Looks pretty good for being over one half Century of age!


Former Wine Cellar Turned Into A Gun Room ...

Dudley thinks this guy has his priorities in order!


Saw This On The Lynyrd Skynyrd FB Page ...

Painting by one of Dudleys favorite Texas artists, Jack Sorenson. 

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