Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I Like Old Suspension Bridges

Photos are of an old bridge in northeastern Oklahoma near Talequah crossing the Illinois River. My stepfather's family used to have a cabin up there at the Northeastern Outing Club. I spent many happy hours swimming, canoeing and fishing there when I was a teenager. If you have seen the movie Where The Red Fern Grows, you have seen this bridge. I used to jump off the bridge into the river below, it was a good 20 foot drop. I thought I was pretty bad until one day I saw some daredevil climb to the top of the arch an jump off. I just knew the crazy sob was going to drown but he survived. As my Great Aunt would have said... " Good thing the fool killers weren't out"

Hi.... I remember seeing a bridge just like this when I was about 6 yrs. old. My uncle had a cabin somewhere NE Oklahoma. Can I ask where this is??? pretty plz. We used to do alot of fishing when I was a down from Mo.
It is combs bridge, i jumped from it many times. JDP, is your last name Peirce? Mine is Alyea, I have a cabin at the Northerastern Outing Club
Hey Stephen. No, the cabin I used to stay at back in the 1970's was owned by Neil Dow. He was related to my stepfather. Great times and memories. Is the Combs bridge still there and in use or has it been torn down?

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