Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Dudley Had To Order A New Cell Phone Yesterday ...

after his old one started having issues. Dudley's old phone was a Motorola and this time he is taking a chance with a Sony because it has a better quality camera built in. Hopefully the phone won't be a piece of crap. They all look good online and in the store but you really don't know what you are getting until you open the box and use it for a while. The old phone was less than two years old before it started falling apart. It will be a pain transferring all of the old phone numbers and photos and videos from the old to the new phone. Looking on the bright side Dudley has plenty of time on his hands to compete that task. Hopefully the phone will work out OK for Dudley. Dudley spent over an hour looking at the customer reviews of the model cell phones he was considering. You have to look at the overall rating and take a chance. They all had some reviews that said "this is the worst cell phone ever" but you hope they just got a lemon. At any rate they never last more than a year or two so Dudley will have to live with his choice good or bad. That's kind of the way life is, you make your decisions and live with the consequences.

Dudley, I have a Sony Erickson, it sucks.
Too late now Hermit. I had one years ago and it was a pretty good phone while it lasted. Seems like it cratered after a year or so.

I got this phone week ago. So far I love it.
Becky I like the phone and think it is going to be fine. There are a few little things I don't like but there are some things about it that are better than the old phone.

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