Friday, May 16, 2008


Dudley Got A New Cell Phone Yesterday ...

It is a Motorola RAZR V3xx 3G. Dudley tried the charge his cellphone the night before last and it would not take a charge. Yesterday, Dudley tried again with a second charger and figured it had to be the cell phone as he had tried not one but two different chargers. So Dudley called his cell phone provider to see if he was eligible for a new phone to replace his Motorola SLVR which was not taking a charge. Dudley was told he was not eligible for a new phone until August when his contract expires. Dudley explained the problem with his phone not taking a charge and they told me to file a claim with the Insurance Company for replacement. They transferred me and I told them of my problem with the phone not taking a charge. They approved me for a new phone which arrived yesterday via FED EX less than 24 hours after making the call. Talk about speedy service. When Dudleys daughter got home yesterday and saw Dudleys new phone boy was she jealous. She has one just like it except Dudleys is new and improved and is a little bit bigger than hers. She helped set up my phone book and transfer my photos from the old phone. Dudley was unable to transfer his song list from his old MP3 player. He will have to start over from scratch. I have to find my Itunes play list, it is not on the home computer and must be on Franks lap top. Will have to check. When Dudleys daughter got home from school, she said she did not think anything was wrong with his old phone. She proceeded to go into her room and brought out a charger and hooked it up and his old phone took a charge. Could it be that her charger broke and she went and pulled the old switharoo with Dudleys charger? Seems a little suspect to me though she is denying knowing anything about such a scenario. How could she have known the problem was with the charger and not the phone? I hope Dudley does not get charged with Insurance Fraud. Dudley will probably end up getting a new phone in August as this phone does not appear to have a better quality camera. It is the same as the camera on his old phone with a low pixel count and resulting poor quality photos. Dudleys wants a camera that will take good enough pictures to post to his blog.

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