Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dudley Has Felt Like This Horses Ass ...

all weekend. Have not felt like doing much of anything. Frank has been busy around the house, he mowed the yard today. Yesterday he put the top on the Jeep and put a new air filter and new windshield wipers on his mothers van. Last night Dudley's wife commented that she has a new battery, air filter, tires, and windshield wiper blades so it is time to go somewhere. Dudley could not help but comment that she had better drive that van to work so she could earn some money to help pay for all of that. Later today, Frank is going to put new batteries in both of our smoke detectors. Dudley used to take care of these types of chores but his Muscular Dystrophy has progressed to the point it is no longer possible to do such simple tasks. Good thing Frank is around to help out. Frank is going to get to spend a three day weekend next week down at the legendary Landcut on the Texas Coast. Last June he got to go fishing down there for a short overnight trip and estimated he caught over 200 Speckled Sea Trout during that short time period. The best thing about that trip was the majority of the trout and his largest twenty inch specimen were all caught on Dudley's old fly rod and reel. Frank said it was a blast catching them on that long limber rod. The trout should be a lot bigger this time around and probably more numerous. Maybe he will get lucky this time around and catch a Redfish or two. Dudley would give anything to be able to go with them but he will have to be content to listening to the fish stories and looking at Frank's photos of the trip. Dudley is going to go watch some NFL football and the Rangers are playing this afternoon. There is going to be a really good game tonight between the Colts and the Cardinals. Dudley is going to have to wait until Monday night to see the Cowboys play.

I feel like making a trip somewhere, too. We're going down to Jacksonville this weekend to visit the kids.
Enjoy your trip and visit with the kids this weekend Hermit!

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