Friday, June 26, 2009


Frank Made It Back From The Texas Coast ...

last night. He said they had a great time and he estimated he caught in excess of 200 speckled sea trout in a twenty hour period! They all had a great time and he said the fishing at night was nothing short of spectacular. They fished at night off of the dock under high powered lights powered by a generator. The photo at the top above is Frank holding his biggest trout of the trip, a twenty incher. It is a nice trout but what makes the catch even better is that he caught this fish on Dudley's old 7 weight fly rod and reel. Frank said the big trout made a couple of big runs and was really pulling the drag on the old fly reel. If you are a fly fisherman or woman you know there is not a more beautiful sound in the world than a good fish pulling out line on a fly reel and listening to the drag singing. Frank guessed he caught at least fifty fish on the fly rod and reel. The rest he caught on his spinning outfit. On the fly fishing outfit, he tied a small saltwater popper on the on the end of his leader and he tied an 18" drop line to the hook and on the other end tied on a small shrimp fly. Frank said as soon as the lures would hit the water, a trout would swirl up and grab the fly. Frank said he had the best luck on the spinning outfit using white bass assassins on a saltwater jig head. They only stayed down at the remote fishing cabin at the Land cut for a total of about 20 hours. Frank said he did not sleep at all during that time. His comment was that no normal red blooded American man worth his salt could sleep with the fish biting like they were. Dudley can not argue with his logic for sure. Before Frank left for the coast last weekend, Dudley allowed that this fishing adventure could be one for the ages. Dudley was glad to see Frank and the legendary Land cut did not disappoint.

nice work frank!
Thanks Joe!

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