Friday, July 31, 2009


Dudley Got Out And Ran Some Errands Today ...

The first thing he did was go to the local municipal court building and take proof that Lizzie took her defensive driving class. Lizzie got a speeding ticket some time ago and Dudley made her pay the fine out of her money and pay for the defensive driving class. They dismissed the ticket which is good as it will keep the Insurance Rates from going up any more than they already have. Hopefully she has learned her lesson. Lizzie is still in Las Vegas at a world class resort living the life of leisure. Big Sis told Dudley she saw on the news that a tiger escaped from a magician in Vegas earlier today and was running the streets. The tiger was captured later in a residential area without incident. They reported it was a tame tiger if there is such a thing. After Dudley got through with the court, he went to the bank. Then it was on to the Barber Shop where Dudley got his ears lowered. While Dudley was in the chair getting his hair cut, a former two time world champion boxer came in. That was pretty cool, as it is not every day you get to meet someone of that caliber. After the haircut, Dudley went to a local pack and mail store to ship a package to a friend. J.T. bought a new muzzle loader rifle and is going to try to bag a deer with it this fall. The gun has iron sights and he was in need of a scope. Dudley happened to have an almost brand new two power scope designed for a shotgun or black powder rifle that was not being used. Dudley had bought the scope and put it on a single shot 20 gauge shotgun he had purchased for Frank when he was about 8 years old. He only shot the gun one time down at the farm. The gun kicked harder than Dudley anticipated it would with buckshot so the gun and scope were put away. A few years later Dudley had a recoil pad and muzzle brake put on his deer rifle and Frank killed his first deer with it at age 11 and has never deer hunted with any other gun. Hopefully J.T. can put this scope to good use, he will only need to buy a base and that should cost less than twenty dollars. After that, Dudley went by the Post Office to mail a letter then came back home. Time to get ready to watch the Ranger game. They won yesterday, hope they do the same tonight.

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