Friday, December 5, 2008


Meet My Good Friend J.T., He Is A Young Man ...

I met last year when I went on a hunt for disabled deer hunters in Southwest Arkansas. He is about one year older than my son and is as nice a young man as you would ever want to meet. He killed his first deer last year, a seven point buck with a borrowed deer rifle. He made a shot of over 300 yards. He got bitten by the deer hunting bug but good and after last years hunt saved up enough money to buy a brand new deer rifle and scope. By opening day this year he was ready to go. He bagged a big ass doe a few weeks ago and has been hunting hard holding out for a buck. I had been talking or text messaging him almost daily and have been acting as his mentor of sorts. I had been encouraging him to keep letting the smaller bucks walk and his patience was rewarded the other evening when this big eight point buck walked out to join a herd of ten or twelve deer all ready out feeding in the green field. He made a perfect shot at 30 yards. He is getting this buck mounted also and will be hanging it up in his room beside the seven pointer. I am so proud of you J.T. for biding your time and putting the smack down on a bruiser of a buck!

300 yards!!! Impressive. You know, the Army can always use a good sniper.
It was an impressive shot Bob, I am afraid J.T. and myself are not Army material as we both have a pretty severe physical disability. We could not pass the physical exam.

Nice looking buck there.
That's a heck of a monster buck in the photo. If the 8 pointer is anywhere near this size, J.T. has proven himself one whale of a hunter. Way to go J.T.!
Good sized deer.
Joated that is the eight pointer, one of the eye guards is broken off. He is turning out to be a great hunter, the seven pointer he got last year was almost as good as this years buck.

Hermit that is a good sized deer. I sure would like to have had him in my sights!

BobG it is a nice looking buck, I would like to hang him up on my wall, that is for sure.

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