Thursday, April 30, 2009


We Got Rained Out At The Ballpark ...

last night. We managed to have a great time in spite of the weather. When we first got to the suite, we went outside and sat down to see what was happening on the field. It was not raining at the time but the tarp was out and you could tell it had been raining. No sooner had we sat down, the bottom fell out and it started to rain pretty hard. It got real loud as the crowd started to scramble up out of their seats to head to shelter. Some die hard fans stayed in their seats as it continued to rain. We were high and dry in our covered private seating area. After a short wait, the food order arrived so we went in and chowed down on chicken wings, nachos, hot dogs and the like. We ate until we could not eat anything else. We were watching the weather reports on the big screen TV inside when we heard the announcer say the game was being cancelled. It was not going to quit raining anytime soon so it is just as well they went ahead and called the game. About that time, we sent Frank and Lizzie and Frank's friend Jeff down to the gift shop to buy them all a new Ranger T-shirt and then we headed out to the car and drove back home. It was disappointing not getting to see the Rangers play but we are in hopes we will get another invite to use the suite in the near future.

I don't get into sports, but I could have handled the part about eating and drinking to my hearts content. As far as I can see, you got the best part of the deal.
You are right about that Hermit. The eating and drinking part was a win! It was disappointing not to see a game though. I hope we get a raincheck.

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