Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today Is A Big Day Here At The Dudley Domicile ...

Frank is coming home from college. It seems like ages ago when he left to go to Texas A&M. I remember being really sad when he left. You can read about it here if you like. The top photo is of Frank right before he went off to college, the second photo was taken at Thanksgiving after he had been away at college for a little over three months. Being true to form and a typical Aggie, he now wears his baseball cap backwards. I guess Aggies have not figured out that the bill on the baseball cap is to keep the sun out of and shade your eyes, not the back of your head! At any rate, we are all really glad he is coming home for the summer and can not wait to see him. This morning I could tell his sister is really glad that he is coming home. As I type this I hear it starting to thunder outside. We are supposed to get another round of thunderstorms today. Sounds like they are right on schedule. When Frank gets home this afternoon, he is going to think it is Christmas. Dudley stimulated the economy Sunday night and went ahead and purchased Frank's new hunter green Malibu Mini-X kayak, Apex-1 seat, Bending Branches paddle, Scotty fly rod holder, fishing PFD and cable lock and flag for transporting the kayak. If you are ever in the market I strongly suggest Austin Canoe & Kayak as they have competitive prices and are a customer oriented company . They ship kayaks all over the world, I wished I owned stock in the business as I think they are doing pretty well. The trucking company is going to deliver it this afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 PM. I have told Frank he has to be home to help unload and unwrap the kayak and check for damage and carry it into the house. Dudleys wife and daughter are getting ready to do their part to stimulate the economy. At least partially, they along with Dudleys daughter's best friend are going to Cozumel later this summer. I guess the Mexican economy will benefit as much as the American economy.

I know just how you're feeling! Brad is coming home on Friday and I can't wait!
That is great news Terri! I remember it was tough when Frank left. Am so glad he is coming home for the summer. Friday will be here before you know it.

Nice looking kids. You must be well to do there, Dudley, to spend that kind of green.
Hermit we do ok, we manage what money we do have wisely and unlike most people these days have zero credit card debt. That way when we get a windfall like this tax rebate, we can spend it on something fun.

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