Friday, January 12, 2018


Frank And Jeff Are Up At A Duck Hunting Lodge On The Red River ...

north of Wichita Falls. They are going Duck hunting in the morning somewhere in the area. The Outfitter they are using has a bunch of places leased. They scout and put their hunters on a hole that they know the ducks will be showing up at. Hopefully they will all get a limit of ducks and may be a Goose or two killed. The last photo was of a group of 6 hunters from this morning. Looks like they killed several Mallard Drakes! Frank said they ate Steaks for dinner. Four of Frank's Buddies drove up from Houston. They are looking forward to listening to their Guide call the ducks in range and blasting the ducks out of the sky with their shotguns. Watching the ducks fall in the water with a splash and then watching the dog work to retrieve the ducks maskes for a great hunt. Dudley is looking forward to getting a report tomorrow afternoon and seeing some pictures!

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