Friday, August 4, 2017


Dudley Was Sad To Hear That Jim Marrs Passed Away Wednesday ...

He was a great guy and a brilliant investigative reporter. His book about the Kennedy Assassination was made into the movie JFK by Oliver Stone. Dudleys mother was a school teacher for many years and taught with and was good friends with Jim's wife Carol. When Dudley was a teenager he got to go out to their farm near Springtown and Dudley could not believe it when Jim asked Dudley if he wanted to shoot his old Muzzleloading Rifle. Of course Dudley said yes and remembers Jim setting a Coke can up on a post. He loaded the gun with powder, a ball and a patch. Dudley cocked the gun, took steady aim and KaBoom the rifle went off with a big cloud of white smoke. After the smoke cleared, Dudley saw the can got knocked to the ground and Dudley picked it up and saw a big hole right in the middle of it! Thanks Jim, you were a class act!

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