Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Dudley Got A Yield House Pine Furniture Catalog Today ...

It is really neat to see all of the great Pipe Racks they offered back in the day. Interesting to learn the names of the different models of Pipe Racks they made. They also made Gun Racks and Fishing Rod Racks. Also a Poker Chip and Card Rack and a Cigar Rack. Pretty much everything a man could need. They also made a wall mounted Liquor Cabinet! The guy on EBay Dudley bought it from thought it was from the 1950's. If so I bet it was the early part of the decade. The prices are ridiculously low and it talks about mounting the racks on plaster walls. Dudley has three of the Pipe Racks and really enjoys them. Dudleys Grandfather had one that Dudley was always looking at thinking it was cool. Dudley spent an hour scanning and cropping the manly parts of the catalog. Dudley skipped over the plate and spoon and sewing racks. Not Dudleys Cup of Tea . 

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