Sunday, July 30, 2017


Photos Of Cecil Faris At His Pure Oil Filling Station In Tomball TX In 1945 ...

Dudleys Grandfather Frank E Poulsen got his first job as a Geologist working for Pure Oil out of Houston, TX after he completed his graduate work in Geology at Stanford University. Dudley thinks this was about 1921. Pure sent Dudleys Grandfather to Central America. He explored for Oil in several Central American Countries. He had a few close calls down there and survived one ship wreck. He worked down there for a few years then went back to Texas and never left except to explore for oil out West during WWII. He also went up north to go Pheasant hunting on several trips. He was an avid Upland Bird Hunter and raised and trained his own Bird Dogs for a number of years. Dudleys older sister remembers the bird dogs but sadly he no longer had them by the time Dudley came along and was old enough to remember.  Dudley thinks his  Grandfather worked for Gypsy Oil Co, Sinclair, Phillips 66 and Gulf at different times. He also did consulting work for a few years after he retired. 

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