Sunday, July 23, 2017


Photo Of A Legendary Grizzly Bear Killed In Colorado In 1904 ...

          Hide and Skull of Old Mose

The 900 pound bear was known as Old Mose and had terrorized Southern Colorado ranchers and hunters since the mid 1880's. The bear was killed by Wharton Pigg on the left and John Anthony a Professional Hunter and his pack of hunting dogs. At one time Colorado had many Grizzly Bears. They were all but gone by 1930 when sculptor Louis Paul Jonas created a life size bronze statue of a Mother Grizzly and two Cubs called "Grizzly's Last Stand. A Grizzly was killed in Colorado by a trapper in 1951. On September 23, 1979 it was the last day of Bow Season. An outfitter, Ed Wiseman was guiding a hunter in the southern San Juan Mountains. He was walking down a trail and came upon a Grizzly and two cubs. The Mama Bear attacked with a vengeance. Ed was knocked to the ground and was able to grab an arrow tipped with a razor sharp broad head. He fought back stabbing the bear in the neck and in the side. The bear retreated a short distance and died. Ed shouted for help and the hunter came to his aid. Ed had to spend the night alone while the hunter made the long trek out for help. The next morning a helicopter flew in and got Ed to a hospital. He survived the ordeal. 

             Last Stand Of The Grizzly

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