Friday, June 2, 2017


Great Photo And Story ...

You know how they say "boys will be boys?"  Traces of Texas reader Kenny Swinford thoughtfully sent in a photo that perfectly illustrates that old adage ---- and I love it.  Says Kenny:  "Attached is a picture of my dad, Kennith Swinford and some friends in the early 50's on a trip to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. Right around the Fairgrounds they came across a train set up for public display, they took advantage of the photo opportunity. I have always thought this picture was so unique for them to think to pose like the they were stuck on the tracks and trying to get away!  If you look to the left of the train closely you can see the steps leading up to the inside of the train. These Teenagers were all raised in Northeast Texas in Mt. Vernon. From Left to Right in the photo are:Joe Ball, Kennith Swinford, and Rex Norris.  The new car belonged to Weldon Cockrell, who is not pictured because he was the photographer.  The boys had left Mt. Vernon for a trip to the big City to break in the new car and definitely left their mark! "

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