Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Dudley Has Been Blessed To Have Been On Many Great Historic Texas Ranches ...

Probably won't make it to Ted Nugents Spirit Wild Ranch but Dudley has hunted or toured the following Texas Ranches ...

Waggoner Ranch
Ford Ranch
Nail Ranch
Lambshead Ranch
Wheelock Ranch
WRS Ranch
Kyle Ranch
Mayer Ranch
Big Iron Ranch both South TX and the Hill Country
Johnson 805 Ranch
Davis Ranch
McLane Farm

Other Unamed Ranches or don't know the names of multiple ranches in the Pan Handle and West Texas. 

Also got to deer hunt on three different ranches in Arkansas back in 2009.

Dudley has retired from hunting due to his limited mobility. Dudley has been on a lot of great hunts, has a lot of trophies and many memories. It has been one heck of a run!

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