Thursday, April 13, 2017


When Dudley Was A Kid, The Dallas Fort Worth Turnpike Was Pretty Neat ...

It was the only toll road around. Dudleys Grandmother and Great Aunt lived on the East side of town. To go see them, we would drive East on the Turnpike and drive through the toll booth and throw a dime in the basket and get a green light to proceed. We only drove a short distance and took the first exit for Oakland St to go to Gammys house. If you drove on the Turnpike all the way to Dallas it was a lot faster with no stop lights. The alternative was to go on Highway 80 or East Lancaster, the old Bankhead Highway to Dallas. That way required you to stop at about 80 traffic lights and took a lot longer! It was worth paying the toll. When Dudley was a kid the best trip on the Turnpike was when we took the exit to go to Six Flags Over Texas, the best Amusement Park in Texas. Sorry Astro World, you couldn't hang! 

Gone but not forgotten!

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