Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Dudley Is Not Happy With This Development ...

9301 Westpark Drive Redevelopment Project

The Benbrook Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) has purchased the property located at 9301 Westpark Drive, formerly an Express Stop convenience store. The property is being readied for redevelopment. As part of preparation, the underground fuel tanks, gas tanks, and canopy will be removed; and the building will be demolished.

The removal of the Underground Storage Tanks (UST's) is expected to take place the week of 
January 23-27.

The BEDC is working closely with interested developers, and will be selective in assessing plans for future development of the property. The goal and desire of the BEDC is to recruit a desirable commercial use for the site.

BEDC 817-249-6990 "Building a Better Benbrook"

The Drive-Thru Window sure was convenient for us DOF's! (Disabled Old Farts)

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