Monday, January 16, 2017


The Cowboys Got Beat In The Playoff Game ...

with the Packers. It was a great game but it looked to Dudley like the Refs had an agenda. Early on the Refs called a costly penalty against the Cowboys for unsportsmanlike like conduct by one of the Cowboys in the huddle. Dudley had been watching NFL Football for over 50 years and does not remember this penalty ever being called. It was a bogus call in Dudleys opinion. Green Bay got away with a flagrant and obvious pass interference in the end zone that the Refs failed to see and call. The Refs missed a bunch of holding calls that should have been called against both teams. A lot more penalities were called against the Cowboys than were against the Packers. Professional Football is a for profit business. Dudley worked in the Corporate World long enough to know that maximizing profits is the goal by any means necessary. For whatever reason those in control appeared to want a Packers victory. The system is rigged in Dudleys opinion. A lot of people are naive enough to believe professional sports are fair and above board. Dudley does not agree.

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