Saturday, December 10, 2016


One Of The Most Beautiful Of God's Creations ...

Is the Wood Duck. When Dudley was in college he killed some of these. The creeks in East TX are full of these beautiful birds this time of year. One year Dudley leased a farm north of Palestine for hunting. He spent a lot of that deer season hunting out of a deer stand located just a few yards off of Mound Prairie Creek. Dudley could not see but could hear them constantly as they swam in the creek hidden by the steep banks as they filled up on acorns floating in the water. That was in 1985 and on December 8th, Dudley killed a little 8 point buck as he was walking by Dudleys stand one foggy morning.  When Dudley and his father in law deer hunted at Kickapoo on the McLane Farm they often heard duck hunters on Caddo Creek less than a mile away blasting away at Wood Ducks. 

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