Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Mark Twain Certainly Had A Way With Words ...

Dudley has a connection with Mark Twain.  Dudleys mother's sister was married to David James Reeder. His mother, Edwina Dickson Reeder was born in Alabama in 1890. When she was an infant, her parents went to see and hear Mark Twain give a talk. Afterwards, her parents stood in a receiving line to wait their turn to meet the great Mark Twain. When it was their turn, the family story was that Mark Twain upon seeing little Edwina, gave her a kiss on her forehead. When Didley was a child he would go over to Edwinas house with his cousins. She had a piano and could play any song she heard by ear. She had a degree in music from Vanderbilt University and was a sweet southern lady. 

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