Saturday, October 22, 2016


Dudleys Wife Went Furniture Shopping Today ...

and bought a Lazy Boy Recliner for our Home Theater. When Frank moved out of the Dudley Domicile he took his recliner. Dudley has been borrowing an end table from Frank. Dudley finally found out the make and model of the table. He checked prices online and at several stores the price is a little over $300.00. Dudley checked Amazon and they had the table listed for a little less than $240.00. It was not in stock but was on backorder. Dudley checked again the next day and the price had been marked down to $45.10! Dudley added an item to get the total over 50 bucks and got free shipping.  Total cost is $54.70 delivered to the door. Can't beat that deal. When Frank heard about it, he went and bought a second one. He is going to use his two as matching night stands. Dudley has his next to his recliner. It is just the right height and has drawers for the remote controls for the many components of Dudleys Home Theater. It is a well made, good looking table and should last for a long time. 

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