Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Neat Picture From The Early Days Of Possum Kingdom Lake ...

Dudley has a lot of memories of trips to Possum Kingdom back in the day. Never caught a mess of Catfish like that guy did. Trot-Line catch I would bet or maybe he called em up with an old crank telephone! Dudley and some friends were spending the weekend at a remote landlocked A Frame cabin back in HS. Dudley used his Terry Bass Boat to ferry all the gear and beer and his buddies to the cabin. It was pretty primative from what Dudley remembers. We were sitting outside around a campfire drinking cold Schlitz Beer and enjoying the late afternoon. Two rough looking old boys came into the cove where we were and shut off their oversized outboard on their undersized Jon Boat. Dudley watched as they pulled near the boat dock. The guy in the front of the boat threw a wire overboard and his buddy started turning a crank in a wooden box in the middle of the boat. Dudley walked down to the dock and asked them if they had shocked anything yet. The guy in the front said they had caught one little one.He then reached and pulled up on a rope by the boat and lifted up a 30 pound Flathead Catfish! Dudley asked him if they could outrun the Game Warden in their boat. The guy smiled and said he ain't caught us yet. We all laughed and they fired up their outboard and took off at a high rate of speed! Show offs :)

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