Sunday, August 28, 2016


Inca Dove Nesting Among Glass Insulators On A Wooden Pole ...

About 15 years ago, when we lived on the other side of town, Dudley saw a pair of strange looking dove.  They were nesting on Frank and Lizzie's Basketball Goal on the back patio. That brought a quick end to any basketball until the nesting season was over. Dudley did not know what kind of dove they were but a Google Search provided the answer. They are beautiful birds to go along with our Mourning, White Wing and Collared Eurasian Dove that we have in the great State of Texas.

Yes, they are beautiful birds...whatever God created is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Your welcome Marian. You never know what you might see in God's great outdoors. Saturday afternoon a confirmed sighting of a Mountain Lion took place at Brookhaven College north of Dallas!
Nobody cares about that bird. That insulator on the right is really rare!
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