Monday, August 1, 2016


Frank And Jeff Are Going To Spend Labor Day Weekend ...

with some friends in NE TX near Jefferson on a private ranch. They have rented a large Cabin. The place is beautiful with a peaceful country setting. The best thing about the place is there are two large private lakes full of Bass and Bluegill. They are going to take the kayaks and plan on fly fishing early and late in the day with a popper/dropper rig. Dudley bought some flies today from Jim Green who is an expert fly tyer. He used to own and run the Backcountry Fly Shop in Tyler Tx. He was located not far from Dudleys office. Problem was in those days Dudley was too busy to go fly fishing with work and kids and the many responsibilities of life. He sells his flies on EBay now. Dudley has been buying saltwater flies online from Jim Green for years for Frank and Jeff's many trips to the Landcut. I think Jim moved out to the Big Bend area of West TX as the flies have been mailed from way out there. Dudley ordered 9 Gibsons Brim Killers. Dudley is going to give Frank and Jeff both a NOS Fred Arbogast Fly Rod Popper. Dudley has a bunch of those put away he bought right after they quit making them. 

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