Friday, April 29, 2016


Rube Burrow Robbed A Texas & Pacific Passenger Train ...

near the Dudley Domicile over 100 years ago. He and his gang actually robbed a train at this location two different times. The Mary's Creek Bridge was the site of multiple train robberies back in the late 1800's. The robbers would get the engineer to stop the train so that the cars with the passengers were stopped over the creek on the bridge to make it difficult for any one to get out and interfere with the robbery of the Express Car where the money and valuables were located. A map from 1895 shows the location as "Train Robbers Bridge."  The head of the gang was captured some time later and jailed. He tried to escape prior to trial and that did not end well for him as you can see in the last photo!  Frank has caught Bass and Bluegill in the creek under and in sight of this bridge about ten years ago. Dudleys Dad fly fished the same spots around 75 years ago! It is a special place.

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