Friday, February 27, 2015


Frank Was On The Way To Lipan TX This Morning ...

for work. He was driving through Weatherford on the snow covered highway. He stopped for traffic ahead. As he was waiting to get going again, he called Dudley, as we were talking, Frank said I am about to get hit. A second later I heard a loud crash and heard Frank say a curse word. Some old man driving way to fast for conditions had rear ended Franks truck at a pretty fast clip and knocked franks truck into the stopped truck ahead of him. He did not think he was hurt but late this afternoon he said his back was hurting. I hope it is not serious. Going to be a delay in getting his truck fixed as the Body Shops are going to be busy. There have been a lot of accidens today and there are going to be a lot more tonight and tomorrow. Dudley used to investigate accidents for a living. Glad I am retired!

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