Sunday, January 18, 2015


Some Pics Of Frank Leaving To Go Pig Hunting ...

yesterday down near Clifton, TX. He got invited to go by one of the Wingbandits. They hunted on a 300 acre Ranch next to the Airport. Frank said they saw a bunch of deer. There was a total of four guys on the hunt. They corned the roads and drove around in a Polaris RZR looking for hogs. This morning they drove up to check a deer feeder and saw a pig running 50 or 60 yards away. Frank was kneeling in the bed of the stopped UTV. He rested on the roll bar and looked through the Eotech Holographic Sight and fired two quick shots hitting the pig causing it to slow down a little and change direction. Frank then fired 5 or 6 quick shots and put the middle age sow down for good! It was an exciting hunt and the first kill for Dudleys Bushmaster M4 AR-15.

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