Friday, December 19, 2014


Frank And Jeff Went Hunting Down In The Texas Hill Country ...

today. They drove down last night and stayed at the YO Hotel in Kerrville. They drove out to the WRS Ranch this morning and drove the ranch roads looking for a mature buck for Jeff to shoot. They saw one big buck this morning but he ran Into the brush before Jeff could get his gun on the deer. They went to eat lunch and went back out and the guide corned the road near a box blind at the back of the pasture, where Frank and Jeff were sitting. Frank spotted a nice 8 point buck running through the woods but lost sight of him. He reappeared a short time later about 75 yards away where he walked out into the open and turned broadside. Jeff fired his 30-06 and the buck started running towards them. Frank was looking through his binoculars and could see blood pouring out of the exit wound. The buck dropped about 25 yards in front of the deer stand from a perfect heart shot! Jeff finally got a trophy buck big enough for a shoulder mount to hang on the wall. Congrats Jeff on a great Hill Country buck.

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