Saturday, November 8, 2014


Frank Called Dudley Early This Morning ...

with big news! He and Jeff were hunting on the family farm in East TX and Frank shot the Monster Buck he has been getting all of the night time deer cam pics of. The big buck came running out of the woods early this morning about 30 yards away from Franks new Deer Feeder and about 25 yards away from Franks new Popup Blind. Frank made a one shot kill with Dudleys 25-06 Winchester Model 70 hitting the buck in the heart. They found the deer about 50 yards away. Jeff saw the buck for a second when he ran across an opening but he did not have time to get his rifle up. A few minutes later he ran by Franks stand and that was the last thing he did. The Rut is on and this buck was cruising through the area looking for a Hot Doe. Frank has been trying for almost 15 years to get a wall hanger down at the farm. Dudley is proud that Frank never gave up or got discouraged and he finally got the buck of his dreams!

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