Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dudley Commissioned An Original Work Of Art ...

a few months ago.  The artist is Brent Hale. He is a very talented artist. He has done work for many big corporations and his client list includes some well known Celebrities. I met Brent when I was in college at SFA in Nacogdoches, TX. We lived up on the fourth floor of Dorm 16. As soon as we could escape Dorm Life, Brent and Dudley and two other Dorm mates, Ben Bartlett and Jeff Robertson all made the big move off campus to an apartment, Campus Colony.  It was there that Dudley met his future wife, she was the girl next door.  She got Dudleys attention when she showed Dudley a picture of her Dad and brother standing next to a truck with two trophy Whitetail bucks on the tailgate! We started dating soon thereafter and the rest is history. They killed those deer on Opening Day of the 1979 Deer Season. Dudleys painting is titled "First Down At Kickapoo" and shows Dudleys late father in law Leonard Richard "Sparky" McLane with the first buck killed in modern times on the family farm in the shadow of Kickapoo Mountain. He shot the big buck with his brand new Marlin 336C lever action 30-30 with Iron Sights at over 100 yards on opening morning of the 1978 season. Dudley added an Oat Patch to the scene and a favorite Deer Stand which at one time was an Outhouse behind a Depot or Section House on the Texas And New Orleans/Southern Pacific Railroad.  Dudley is going to have some Limited Edition Prints made and give them to family members and a few close friends of the family.

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