Wednesday, September 24, 2014


More Furniture From Dudleys Mothers Condo ...

that Dudley put in our Reading Room/Man Cave.  Dudley is going to put some of his hunting and fishing collectibles in the room. Dudley is also going to put his extensive Deer Hunting Library in the bookshelf.  Need to also hang some Deer Heads in the room. Dudley ordered a Round Oak Rack that will hold 16 rods to display Dudleys collection of Fiberglass Fly Fshing Rods.  Dudley is going to get a wood Lazy Susan and get Frank to help him attach it to the bottom of the fly rod rack so it can be rotated to inspect the flyrods. Dudley ordered a Power Chairside Table to put next to his recliner. He is going to put a lamp on the table and can charge his phone and the tablet he is going to get. Dudley has a lot of books that he has been buying for the last ten years or so that he needs to sit down and read. It will be nice to have a spot designated for reading where Dudley can keep his reading glasses, and the book he is reading and a bookmark. It is going to be a quiet relaxing room and Dudley is looking forward to spending many enjoyable hours in there catching up on his reading.

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