Monday, August 18, 2014


Dudley Ordered Two Collectors Edition Turkey Calls Today ...

from Ron Clough of Close Calls Turkey Calls. Dudley was surprised to get a call from Ron soon after the order was placed. He wanted to let me know the calls were made to order and to let me know it would be 30 days or so before the calls would be completed. He constructs the calls in his shop and then sends them to an artist for the color details to be painted. The Archibald Rutledge Tribute call also has to be sent to Archibalds Grandson Henry for his Autograph. Dudley would never consider hunting with these calls as they are truly works of art. Going to put them on a shelf to be admired. Maybe they will increase in value over time. It is my understanding that an original Miss Seduction Turkey Call made by Archibald Rutledge back in the day can now be worth around $7,500.00. Dudley spoke to Ron for a good twenty minutes talking about the history of these calls and about hunting.  The Green Hornet Slate Turkey Call comes with a long and close range striker. Looking forward to receiving both of these calls and seeing how they sound!

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