Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Dudley Ordered 12 New Replacement Windows ...

and a new replacement sliding patio door for Dudleys domicile. Did a lot of research on the types of windows available and the costs.  The windows and doors being replaced were installed when the house was built in 1958. They had aluminum frames and single panes of glass. The old windows and door are still structurally sound but not very efficient given the 1950's technology.  Dudley looked at vinyl windows but decided against them as aluminum window frames are more durable than those made of plastic.  The windows and door Dudley chose have an exterior and interior aluminum frame seperated by a PVC thermal break. The windows and door will have two 1/8 inch thick pieces of glass set in the frame with a 5/8 inch spacer in between.  The window and door frames are going to be the same cream color as the majority of the painted surface on the house. The owners of the Company live in Fort Worth, the glass is made in Corsicana, TX and the frames are manufactured and assembled in Dallas, TX. The Company Dudley chose also uses their own employees for the installation as opposed to contracting the work out. Dudley got a quantity discount and a discount for paying cash when the windows are installed and he is satisfied with the work. The new windows and door should look really great, provide better security and help lower Dudleys heating and cooling bills. 

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