Sunday, March 30, 2014


Watched A Good Movie Last Night ...

on our Home Theater, Gangster Squad. Dudley has always enjoyed watching a good Gangster movie. The Untouchables is his all time favorite. Another good one was Public Enemies about John Dillinger. It was enjoyable seeing a Gangster movie set in Los Angeles during the late 40's. In 1953 Dudley's third cousin, Norris Poulson became the mayor of Los Angeles after serving two terms in Washington DC as a United States Congressman. There were some scenes in the movie of the LA City Hall Building downtown. Norris's Mayoral Office was in the Penthouse Suite on the top floor. There is a big Veranda where he could walk outside and lookout over the city.  Some days the smog was so bad you could not see very well or breath for that matter!

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