Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Frank Got Invited To Go To The ABHA Midwest Championship Field Trials This Weekend ...

on a private Ranch out in West Texas. He will have a good time and will get to see some high dollar bird dogs working. They are going to release 500 pen raised Bobwhite Quail prior to the event.  The best part is after the event is over, and all of the bird dogs and their owners have left, Frank and the Wing Bandits are going to load their shotguns and go Quail hunting! Frank is really excited as he has never had the opportunity to go after Quail.  He is going to take his Great Grandfathers Sweet Sixteen and should have a great time. Dudley has an idea "Gran" will be looking down and will approve. Long before Dudley was born, he used to raise and train his own bird dogs and go upland bird hunting when he got the chance.

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