Thursday, October 17, 2013


This Is A Photo Of My Maternal Grandmother ...

Neva Nell Wester around 1909 with "Carrie" the name she gave her doll with a Bisque Porcelain China head.  She and her sister went with their mother and father to New Orleans, LA on a vacation for the girls, a business trip for her father. They were at a store owned by two of his customers and the two gentlemen told the two little girls to pick out a present for themselves. Her sister picked out a modest gift and my Grandmother ran straight to this rather expensive doll and took possession of it. Her parents were embarrassed at this and told her to put the doll down and get something else. The Store Owners insisted she keep the doll. Carrie has had her dress replaced a few times in the last 105 years but other than that, Carrie still looks just like she did way back in the day!

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