Sunday, October 20, 2013


This Is An Old Photo Circa 1908 Of The Two Men ...

that owned the Department Store in New Orleans LA where my Grandmother got "Carrie" over a Century ago. Not sure if they were father and son or brothers but their last name was Hockstein.  My Grandmother and Great Aunt and their parents I am sure traveled there from Sulphur Springs by a Passenger Train pulled by a Steam Engine. They may not have been able to travel the entire way on one train. They could have gone to Dallas on the Texas Midland and then boarded the Texas & New Orleans and ridden all the way to New Orleans or they could have travelled out of Sulphur Springs to the South and East and boarded another train at some point to get to New Orleans. Dudley has a CD in his computer with a bunch of old Railroad Maps and Time Tables from the early 1900's. It is interesting to look at these trying to figure out how they travelled over a Century ago!

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