Sunday, October 27, 2013


I Bought Two NOS Griswold Cast Iron And Steel ...

Flue Dampers on EBay today. Not sure how old these are but they have a 1918 Patent Date. For a time when I lived out in the country in East TX, I had a wood burning stove. I used to enjoy going down to the farm with "Sparky" and cutting firewood with a chainsaw and loading the truck bed with logs and taking them back to town and splitting the logs by hand. My father in law installed the flue pipe through the roof and installed a damper similar to this. It was nice to build a fire in the cast iron stove on a cold Winter day!

Had a couple of these in the stovepipe up in the Adirondacks. Took them out when I put in a new pipe and now just use the stove's door slats to control air flow. Lets the creosote slide down the pipe a lot easier!

I don't recall the ones I have as having such large holes, though. They would certainly keep you from closing the sir flow down and really damping the fire.
I am going to hang these on the wall and remember the nights I kept warm in a cabin down in the Brazos River Bottom with an old Wood Burning Stove.
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