Sunday, September 15, 2013


Some Pictures From The Dove Hunt ...

the Dove hunting has been kind of slow. I think Frank has bagged 9 dove so far. He said the grass and brush around the tanks they are hunting around is so dense that you can't recover all of the birds you knock down. They have killed three Rattlesnakes so far. Glad Frank invested in a pair of Chippewa Snake Boots last year. Tonight one of the guys killed a wild hog that made the mistake of coming up to a cattle feeder near the bunkhouse. They are hunting on a working cattle ranch totaling 75,000 acres!

Could do without the rattlers. Though I hear they taste like chicken.
I have eaten Rattlesnake twice. The first time at a Boy Scout Jamboree and it was pretty tasty kind of like chicken. The last time was at the Rattlesnake Roundup out in Sweetwater TX. I remember not liking it as well then. Probably depends how it was prepared and cooked or maybe the size/age of the snake has something to do with it.
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