Friday, August 23, 2013


Here Is A Picture Of Frank Shooting Today ...

at a Charity Sporting Clay Shoot. He got to help a good cause and practice for his upcoming dove hunt. The best thing about the day was Frank shot his Great Grandfathers Browning Sweet Sixteen. Dudley's Grandfather gave it to Dudley when he graduated from College in 1981. The gun has not been fired in over 50 years! My Grandfather bought the gun new in 1959 after he retired. Dudley was born the same year.  My Grandfather raised and trained his own bird dogs and hunted Quail for many years in East TX and made trips up north to hunt Pheasant.  My Dad told me that my Grandfather hurt his back on the first trip he went on after he bought the gun and for whatever reason did not hunt any more after that trip.Dudley was one or two years old and my dad rode a train up and helped get his Dad back home. When I got the gun my Dad told me he doubted it had even had a whole box of shells fired through it. Gran, Frank broke your gun in today and had a great time. He scored 32/50 shots. I hope you were watching from above. I love you so much, Thank You for everything!

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