Monday, October 1, 2012


Dudley Bought Some Patches Off EBay ...

the other day. When Dudley was a kid he can remember going to Gibsons Department store. While his mother was shopping, Dudley would always go to the Sporting Goods section to look at all of the fishing tackle and guns and such. Dudley was always drawn to the glass case that held a large stock of deer hunting patches that were kept locked behind glass. They had patches for buck deer from two points, a spike all the way up to ten or twelve point bucks. Probably had patches for a doe or antlerless deer as well. Dudley use to stare at those eight point buck patches and dream of going hunting some day and bagging a big buck. Dudley had to wait a pretty long time until 1980 when he killed his first deer, a trophy 8 pointer, when Dudley was 21 years of age. Dudley waited another 32 plus years for the patch. Dudley also bought two of the 6 pointer patches, one for Frank and the other for Jeff to remember their first bucks.

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