Sunday, November 20, 2011


Frank Worked On Our New BBQ Grill Most Of The Day ...

on Saturday. Dudley's father in law made a trade for it as our old grill was burned through in a couple of places and was ready for the scrap heap. The grill he traded for was custom built in a welding shop and is made of 1/4 inch steel. It was rusted on the exterior from sitting outside but was still in pretty good shape otherwise. Frank used a wire brush and got all of the rust removed from the outside of the grill as he could. He cleaned it and then applied three coats of flat black Krylon BBQ/Grill paint. The paint is supposed to be able to stand up to a continuous 600 degree heat and up to 1200 degrees for a short period. Frank installed the new temperature gauge and the only thing left to do is try to clean the grates inside the grill. Dudley may buy some new grates if the old ones don't clean up enough to suit him. Frank did a great job and we are going to have a pretty nice grill/smoker that should last many years. The best thing of all is we only have about fifty bucks invested in it not counting Frank's labor.

Just the thing for those venison steaks and sausages!
You got that right, looking forward to using the "new" grill/smoker for a long time. Frank grilled some bacon wrapped backstraps Friday night on our old smoker. They were so good. Saturday he put the old grill out on the curb and some guy picked it up this morning. One man's trash is another man's treasure I guess.

That’s definitely worth the effort! I commend Frank for doing a great job in refurbishing this old grill. Now it looks so new and highly-functional. By the way, are you still using it?

- Nohemi Tutterrow

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