Saturday, November 26, 2011


Frank Got His Bumper Feeder Working ...

and is using it to spread corn on the power line right of ways and around the food plots down at the farm in East TX. The hunting guide we hunted with last weekend down in the Hill Country asked Frank if he had one and he told him no and he said he had one he was not using and he gave it to Frank. It holds one bag of corn. It has a cord you plug into the 12 volt lighter outlet and after you push a button, a motor turns the spinner and throws shelled corn out behind the truck as you slowly drive along. The cord was damaged but Dudley's father in law "Sparky" is a retired electrician. He had the parts and in about five minutes had the feeder working like new. Frank and Jeff are hunting today. Jeff is going to try to get a doe for the meat. Of course either will shoot a big buck if they see one.

Of course!

As long as they have a tag to fill, why let a big buck walk by unchallenged.
If a big buck shows himself you can bet he will be going for a ride in the back of the pickup. The four day doe season ends today. So far the does have been no where to be seen. I think they know when the season is:)

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