Saturday, October 15, 2011


Frank Made It Down To The Texas Hill Country ...

a little before noon. He met up with the guides and went to the range to check the zero on his rifle. He put his stuff in the little cabin in above photo and was dropped off at a hunting blind around 345 PM. Around 5:30 PM three whitetail does and two fawns came out and started feeding at the feeder you can see in the second photo above. He shot the largest of the mature does. He said he hit her through the heart and she ran about 40 yards and piled up. He went and checked her out and then dragged her back behind his stand and put her under a tree in the shade. He then hunted till dark hoping to get a second doe. The only other deer he saw was a Sika buck. He said his doe field dressed at almost 70 pounds. That is good sized for a Hill Country deer. He is going hunting again this morning. Hopefully he will get another doe or two today or possibly a spike buck. He was the only hunter to kill a doe yesterday evening. One of the other hunters killed a wild hog. If he sees one, he can kill one of those also.

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