Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Frank Is Getting Ready To Go On A Deer Hunt ..

down in the Texas Hill Country. He has his new scope mounted to his new rifle now. He went to Cabelas the other day and bought a box of Federal Premium .308 caliber ammo with 150 grain Barnes Triple Shock TSX bullets. He also bought a Gerber EZ-Saw to make cutting through the pelvic and breast bone easier and to save wear and tear on his knife. Frank went to Academy and bought two Uncle Mikes QD (quick detach) sling swivels for his rifle that came with the studs from the factory but not the swivels for putting a sling on the rifle. Dudley had a new old stock Torel Gunslinger sling that Frank put on the rifle yesterday. Now all Frank needs to do is go to the shooting range one afternoon and sight in the new rifle and scope.

A whole box of ammo? Common, Frank! It only takes one per deer.

Got to get me one of those Gerber EZ-Saws. Better than trying to hammer a Bowie knife through the sternum.
They are proud of those boxes Joated, twenty rounds cost over forty dollars!

The saw looks pretty neat, I used to use a hatchet to cut the sternum on mature deer, could use a knife on the younger ones :)

Two bucks a round? Ouch!

I once used a hatchet, too. Surprising how elusive that sternum can be even when it's on a dead deer. The fact that it's also V-shaped doesn't make it easy.
If we added up the total cost of our deer hunting trips and figured out the cost per pound of venison, we would quickly discover it would be more cost effective to go to the grocery store. That would not be nearly as much fun as going deer hunting though. The fun is priceless :)

I have to agree with your assessment. Cost per pound, when including the time as well as all the other expenses, is way, way over the cost of excellent beef in the grocery store. But where's the fun in buying your meat at the grocery? ;-)
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