Monday, September 19, 2011


Frank Is Getting Ready For His Deer Hunting Trip ...

next month down in the Texas Hill Country. He is going to hopefully bag up to three whitetail does and possibly a wild hog as well. This is going to be a stand hunt and the hunters are responsible for their own field dressing. They have a cleaning area so Frank will be able to hang his deer up for field dressing and a walk in cooler for hanging the deer prior to going to the processor. He bought a new Schrade 152 Old Timer knife to use and a soft Arkansas Stone and some honing oil. Should be more than enough to do the job. Dudley can almost taste the bacon wrapped back straps on the grill!

Well, good luck to him! It's quite fun to hunt for food, don't you think? The anticipation feels quite nice as well - hunting has an element of waiting to it, so it's quite fun when that waiting is over. That is when the hunting trips start and the trip is a success.

Alex Galletti
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