Saturday, September 10, 2011


Frank Had A Big Day Yesterday ...

he recently was hired as a salesman for New York Life Insurance Company. He has been studying to take a test to get his license with the state. He drove up to the town where he was to take the test in the DFW area, and decided to go eat lunch before he went to the testing center. He saw a McDonalds and pulled into the parking lot and noticed a late model Toyota Tundra lifted and sitting on 37 inch diameter tires. The truck had just pulled into the parking lot ahead of Frank and while he was drooling over the nice truck, he saw the driver was getting out and walking into the McDonalds. Frank was astounded to recognize it was Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers and the 2010 AL MVP! Frank rolled down his window and shouted hey Josh who waved at Frank as he was getting out of his truck. Frank went inside and went up to the counter and placed his order. He turned and introduced himself to Josh and they talked while they were waiting on their orders. Frank said they talked about deer hunting, trucks and baseball and Josh told him he was grabbing a bite to eat and then going to be with his wife who was going to give birth to their fourth child later that day. Frank congratulated him on the pending birth of his fourth daughter as he got his food and went and sat down to eat. Frank got his food and ate and as Josh was leaving he asked him if he would not mind signing his daily planner. Josh told him sure and gave him an autograph and they parted ways. Frank went and passed his test with flying colors after meeting the AL MVP, what an exciting day.

Congratulations to Frank on all counts!
Thanks Joated!

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